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Wish (Version 2012)

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Vocals: Sabrina Doughty
Lyrics: Grant D. McLeman
Composed, arranged & mixed by Steffen Offermann
This is the 2012 remix.

This song was based on a free-form lyric by Grant D. McLeman from Scotland. Quite a challenge … :)

chesook's avatar
chesook said

Brina really has a great voice. Very well done once again, my friend!

Guest said

Oh my, stunning vox! Shades of KD Lang here! Everything fits perfectly. Great song!

Guest said

What a delicious vocal. My hat off to you maam!

chesook's avatar
chesook said

Is that Brina singing? Sounds great. Another cool song.

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Djörk said

you should send this one to Sade (for a small fee, of course :)

Guest said

Very classy track. I love everything about it.

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Andrew Russe said

Works for me. Great track and the vocal just sits there like it should.