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Lizard Men (Version 2021)

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According to John this lyric was inspired by the weird visions of a former sports reporter who now thinks the people in high political places are actually lizard men from space. :D

Lyrics: John Williams
Composed by: Andy Gupta
Vocals: George Williams
Bass: Andy Gupta
Drums: Marcel Hoeke
Guitars: Mike Lucas
Synth, Sound Effects, Piano: Steffen Offermann
Mixed and Mastered by Steffen Offermann

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stoman said

Hi, James! A very long time, indeed. I have not been here for years. Less and less time ... How have you been? Still busy writing new songs?

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James Michael Taylor said

Hey, it seems like years. Just want to say hi.

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stoman said

Thanks for listening and commenting, J.M.! Man, I haven't been here in a long time. Good to see that you are still active. I hope I'll find the time to listen to your new songs. I have always liked your songwriting. I guess I should update some of my uploaded songs. Greetings, Steffen

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James Michael Taylor said

Great track...and, you know it's true.

Guest said

Brilliant! Spinal Tap must be seething with envy...

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thetworegs said

Excellent throughly enjoyed.....

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Andrew Russe said

I like this. Whether it's intentional or not, I have to admit I imagined lots of glittery costumes, long hair, beards, and possibly make-up... (and Whispering Bob Harris introducing them on the good ole Old Grey Whistle Test) lol

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James Michael Taylor said

Cool song...