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Easy Come And Go

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I must admit that I like this litte piano tune a lot - I only wish I was a better player.

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thetworegs said

beautiful tune........wonderful playing.....

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Jean-Luc Thomas said


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James Michael Taylor said

A cello with this would be so nice...or a whole bed of strings to undergird that melody.

Guest said

Beautiful, sweet, relaxing, music! What more can you ask for. And all your recordings are superb!

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Wildgeas Music said

Now that's a sweet melody. Artistic and effortless. A fine performance.

Guest said

Y r U so hard on yourself? You have very good technique and feel. That's what she said, right? lol Seriously, you have talent. I think the modesty is intentional. You know you are good. ;) Sorry I have been posting so many comments everyone.. I am getting over the flu. Can't sleep! aaahhh! lol Last comment, I promise. Have a good one, good vibes all around this place.

Guest said

Steffen, your playing is wonderful, nothing the matter with it and yes the tune is very pretty.