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Hicazkar saz semaisi

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Inspired by a gorgeous recording on a wax cylinder by the composer, Tanburi Cemil Bey (1873-1916).

Performed on politiki lyra (classic kemençe), a small bowed fiddle from Istanbul.

Recorded at The Banff Centre, November 2008.

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James Michael Taylor said

Haunting. Music of the ages...

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MemphisMaiden said


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Gumbo said

Thanks to Bethan, or I wouldn't have known about this. Beautifully played. Have you got any more music?

Guest said

This has stopped me in my tracks, came rushing in to see who it is. Gloriously beautiful.

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kirklynch said

Simply gorgeous playing!!

Guest said

Bravo Phaedon! I enjoyed it till the end. Just a bedir was missing. Nice playing. Keep it posting such nice music. Maybe, Cemil Bey's kurdilihicazkar? It's my favorite.

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kavin. said

Love the sound of this instrument!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

truly.. that is beautiful

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A Bit More Better Productions said

That were right lovely that. Thanks a bindle bunch. Top plums.

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eshar said

A beautiful felt as if there were meloncholy undertones...but I enjoyed listening all the same.

Guest said

Ooh...very nice.

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another cultural landslide said


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glu said

i love this!

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childhoodsend said

Very nice to hear some turkish music...let us hear some more!