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End of a silent day

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I made this simple song to try out playing an acoustic guitar with an ebow. It works, but it’s quite quiet. The movement of the fingers on the fretboard is louder than the sounds. I didn’t use any effects on the guitar tracks.
I recorded my voice through a guitar amp.

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kirklynch said

Still such a great track!

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swangsong7 said

Very beautiful song guitar..right from the start it grabs ur attention . very melodius. nice vocal.s only felt they could have been a tad louder in mix. just constructive criticism.. great job though regards NEIL !

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corbinSound said


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lgh said

Cool Sounds.... Like the vox LG

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Cave Street said

another great track!

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childhoodsend said

super mood...

Guest said

beautiful..... I love it.. a lot.

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ghst said

this is so incredibly peaceful. all i can think to say is, thank you.

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Memoir said

Brilliant and beautiful.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..yeah! Thanks for the beauty.

Guest said

Yes, this is wonderful. I hope your heart is very warm right now.

Guest said

very nice. I actually dig the slurs.

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Sudara said

Wow. Thanks to MMI, I listened to this. So very happy I did, it is right up my alley. I hope you'll keep uploading to alonetone!

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mmi said

Astonishing. Love the video too.

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dougsparling said

That's a beautiful song - sonically very, very pleasing (love the finger squeaks, BTW). Just wonderful...

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kirklynch said

This just tears me up. I hope comments are working again. Beautiful!

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kirklynch said

I tried to comment on this one this morning, but it didn't go through. Hope this one does. This just a wonderful track!

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kirklynch said

This is just fabulous! Touching!