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Secret Stories Of Silver V2

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To everyone missing.

I found silver in your mouth
on a holiday
found stories in your eyes
beautiful as mould

6000 miles away
I finally recalled
the secrets on your skin

in scars and birthmarks
open wounds

secret stories of silver

6000 miles
the morning comes
and we miss you

scratch out our eyes
knock out our teeth
rip up our skin
and we miss you
we miss you

Let the rattlesnakes sing the chorus.

Guest said

Guitars sound great. I think that bass would do good, or some strings maybe! Great music!

iconoclast's avatar
iconoclast said

Sweet tune. Love the harmonies.

Cave Street's avatar
Cave Street said

Beautiful track!

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

top notch are a great talent.

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mmi said


Guest said

Oh beautiful! Wonderful composition, well performed and oh those lovely lovely voices!

Guest said

Very good , well done.

A Bit More Better Productions's avatar
A Bit More Better Productions said

lovely sparkly track.. love the instrumentation and seriously diggin the lyrics too. all been there aint we. nice work chaps

launched's avatar
launched said

The guitar was recorded very well. Great vox and harmonies as well.

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dougsparling said


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kirklynch said

Just Beautiful! Love it!

Guest said

Love the part when the piano comes in. This is beautiful stuff.

Guest said

WOW this is great! Superb!