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Watching People walk (RPM2011)

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Reg has left re-hab but now he has to fill those sober hours with something, so he has taken to people watching, but like everything in his life he has become addicted to it, listening in on there private conversation as he follows them, watching there every movement. Which obviously leads to Reg getting into trouble…….

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Al's left hand said

This is hi-larious.

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Gumbo said


Guest said

Wow! Amazing what the RPM challenge brings out of people... quite an album :)

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Dirty Spirits said

very entertaining words. love the line about the womens clothes. addictive personalities always have their latest "thing". once again great album. regards, M.F.

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Noswonky said

I like to watch.

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Norm said

I'm glad your liver is feeling better. I just hope that you are being careful not to scare anyone, Reg.

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Sandy Gritt said

you is craaazeee mang! But I like it, I like it!

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igor said

~And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil~ (Sound to watch girls by. Perhaps)

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richardlaceves said

have you been following me around?,, very regish,, very good

Guest said

Oh Reg, you are so cheery. Such a tonic! Terrific lyrics.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

genius. im a sucker for that rhythm too. tis the rhythm of my brain

Guest said

Quirky and shiny, of course!