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Fade to Black


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Reg has started to face some facts while at rehab…..
G B7 C B7 Am G B7 C B7 Am D G F# Em A7 D G F# Em A7
Fade to Black (Lyrics)
I’m a drinker I’m a stoner I’m a dreamer
My life is swirling round
I can’t say what I feel inside
because most of the time the words are it’s lost in my mind
But don’t say you love me
Cause I know that that love will fade
Don’t say those words to me cause I know it’s all going to fade

At first you’ll find me funny insightful
Oh you’ll find me great in so many ways
Then comes the day when it all starts to turn grey
And you think to yourself I’m going the wrong way
And then you’ll say those words, to try and change me
But don’t say those words to me, cause I know, I know there meaning is only going to end
Fade to black and then no more

A fool I maybe but I am what I am
I can’t change I’ve tried time and time again
If you take me you gotta take me for what I am
Cause what stands here is a broken man
So don’t tell me, no, that you love me
it won’t help and it’s not going to mend
Don’t say those words, no not to me cause I know it’s all going to fade to a end
Don’t tell me now keep those lips closed
I don’t need no more guilt I got enough of my own
I don’t need no false hopes or dreams
I’m just living where it is
Out here on the edge,I totter along,
Keeping my balance on my own
But You can come and travel in my world
We’ll roar with laughter we’ll shed buckets of tears
But sometimes we’ll be able to raise a smile
And that smile might be wry but its gonna dry our eyes
But don’t, no don’t say those words
I have heard them in too many lies before
Don’t say you love me
Cause I know it’s only gonna fade to black
Don’t, don’t say you love me cause I know it’s only gonna fade to black
Let’s just be, just be, what the hell it’s ever gonna be
We’ll totter along on this tightrope on the edge but don’t ever say those words to me

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Klarion said

Would love to go to England again :) Already played there: Once I set up my home recording studio, I would love to record some tracks for you, if you wish :)

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Jack Mathers said

Nice composition. Love the voice!

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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Wildgeas Music said

well done.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh superb...

Guest said

Great use of synth and nice vocals...Peace.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Great writing and lyrics.

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