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Hello Pain My Old Friend


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Well Reg has just realised that he keep making the same mistakes with his relationships as he always has….the first song from the Newly built cellar…..Jim just had to jump o this one…………

Hello pain my old friend it’s so nice to see you back here again

Loves aroma lingers on her clothes
As she wanders in from really only god knows
The clocks ticking the waiting begins
Are these the wages for my past sins
Past sins of the lad who’s a man
Are bought back for payment again and again
Why does life go around n around
Making the same decisions that aren’t so sound

Hello pain my old friend it’s so nice to see you back here again

Looking in the mirror, who is it i see
Who’s that face looking back at me
Unrecognisable to the man I used to be
Nothing inside, wants to set me free
Always Attracted to the same women again n again
The love that repels, once said turns to pain
An omen that’s silent till it haunts with time
Till it eats on in and starts destroying my mind

Hello pain my old friend it’s so nice to see you back here again

Drink and destruction will bring to an end
The want and the need to try and mend
She’s moving on its time to let me know
Is it really that time to let her go

Hello pain my old friend it’s so nice to see you back here again

The door unlocks and in she stumbles
I Stir from sleep and i start to mumble
The time is right the end is here
Its Goodbye my darling, the end it’s clear

Hello pain my old friend it’s so nice to see you back here again

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

Yes indeed Jim Morrison in vocal tone but perhaps Ton Waits in lyrics. Excellent if being thrashed with a pepper sprayed cat-o-nine tails is excellent :-)

Guest said

Yeah and that was me, Bethan, not signed again.

Guest said

This one is most unusual, I love the bluesy, vocal tempo, sounds great. It's like being privy to private thoughts.

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mr-glen said

That last comment was me by the way reg... Wasn't logged in

Guest said

Like the song mate.... Very Jim like. Very addictive line... hello pain my old friend lalalala. Hope your doing ok. See ya soon

drorkessler's avatar
drorkessler said

Love the subject of the song ... sometimes embracing it makes it just a bit more friendly ...

Guest said

Agree with the other comments - also, I think this moody introspective vibe suits you very well.

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FDR said

It's so nice to no your out there, cool song!

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thetworegs said

it sure was Brother........

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Andrew Russe said

Yeah, I don't like making comparisons either usually, but Jim Morrison sprung to mind very much... Hopefully that's what at least one of the Regs was intending :)

Guest said

I rarely comment that this sounds like so-an so , But, that's a vocal and Riff That Jim Morrison(Doors) might have written.I am a huge fan. This is so cool!

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Andrew Russe said

A cheery little song... Nice one :)

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