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Miss you( Rolling Stones)


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Here’s my second submission to the Stones Fest.i’d have liked a bit more time to play….but with four children under6 you take your time when you can or it don’t get done…hope you enjoy as much as i did doing….another stripped Reg Version……………

Guest said

fucking hysterical! great.

Guest said

if dylan ever contemplated covering this, I imagine he'd say someone already nailed it .... Peace, Citizen

Guest said

and this one

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readyornot said


Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

I can just about hear those lips coming through. I've always liked the attitude of this song.

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richardlaceves said


Guest said

I've sure never heard that song like this. Cool, cool!

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Nick P said

Nice version!

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Brett Warren said

Ha! I wasn't expecting this at all. Niiiice. Some Girls: The Musical?

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

My fav stones song (I don't like them much) but brilliant version. :)x:)

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FDR said

Nice one!

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Andrew Russe said

Hey, second listen, the hook is there!!

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Andrew Russe said

Aww yeah... fabulous Not sure that I'm going to get involved in the fest myself, but if I do get time, this was the main one I wanted to do but I couldn't figure out how to approach it. I'd have wanted to strip the famous hook out as well, but I couldn't see what was left that I could make something of... THIS on the other hand is exactly what's left and you've grabbed it by the short and curlies. Fine job sir.

Guest said

This is great Reg! I love yer tempo and a wonderful delivery. I think this is your best!!! Bethan

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Reefwalker said

I like this one a lot The Rolling Regs down in the rock cellar >!

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Sandy Gritt said

nicely Regged up. Really cool and a little creepy.

Guest said

"Miss You" too, Reg...big kiss..

Guest said

<3 Potent interpretation! Great version, Regs.

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