the river

tim mcfate

you are like the rain that falls with the snow
or is it the other way around
i dont know
all i know is i love you
and cant get above you
it is driving with no place to go
the muscle and the bone i find
that keeps my heart in line
just confuses me

i am driving in my car
all alone
i could keep driving
or i could go home
there is nothing to be proven
there is nothing to be sown
and i wont let any body know what i know

you traveled so far
it is such a shame
that true love is still such a game
if you let it it will
always be the same
i hope in the end
i am alright
and every one else
can sleep tight
but i know , but i know it is only a dream, only a dream
i tried to cross that rive
i tried to do it right
i knew you would be waiting
in the middle of the night
i kind of missed the buss
so you came to me instead
you made me want to swim
you took my heart to bed
i could have stopped it anytime
but i wanted you so bad
i quickly crossed the line
i smudged it with my foot
and i covered it up with leaves
i didn’t want to see it
when i came back for what i believe

i called you from the bluff while i was taking off my cloths
you know i see me as the river
and you cant swim and i didn’t know
so i teach you how to swim
and i kiss you one last time
i float on down the river
past everything we know

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Latest Comments

Guest said

hey i saw your comments on our page. Thanks! i like this song most.

thechairs's avatar
thechairs said

a warm spot of sunshine

ic42's avatar
ic42 said

a river of emotions. the guitar and lyric flow through the mind. they embody powerful desire. she knows you. you cannot say no to her. it is a very good song. 0x0

Guest said

Tim these songs are amazing!

melvynbernard's avatar
melvynbernard said

This one has a really nice vibe; the marriage of vocals, melody, production, lyrics, and playing go really well together.

Richard Hardrick's avatar
Richard Hardrick said

beautiful!!! excellent mix of tunes, to make a complement with the lyric. A perfect melody

Drew's avatar
Drew said


moschell's avatar
moschell said

Really enjoyed this one. Made it a favorite. Nice.

Gumbo's avatar
Gumbo said

smudged it with my foot, covered it up with leaves but came back to see what I believed. Love this line.

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great song Tim- I’m liking your stuff!!

J dY Stamp's avatar
J dY Stamp said

Nice, very nice song!

Galileo's Cough Drop's avatar
Galileo's Cough Drop said

Love the feel of this tune.

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

no this is brand new. actually a one take vocal. it does contain some of the same lirics as fertility dance. did you know that you can click on the about tap to get the lyrics?. nice to see you listening much appreciated

Guest said

is this a sequel?maybe an update.

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

it is always unexpected when a tune gains popularity. that song came together so quickly.it was truly inspired. that was a one take vocal. quit often i will harmonize with the main voice. but i knew soon after i recorded the first that that was enough
i really appreciate your input and support

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

the river is now in my best of RPM09 itunes playlist!

tim mcfate's avatar
tim mcfate said

so nice to hear from you and thanks for commenting.

RC Andrews's avatar
RC Andrews said

Very great recording and nice mix Timothy.

Much Respect,

Guest said

Like this track, like the album :-)

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