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22 Memories of 911

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22 Memories of 911 is an improvisation in 22 notes per octave tuning on my AXiS49. The AXiS 49 seems to be especially suited to 22 notes per octave.

As for my memory – I remember being at work and someone had set up the TV in the conference room. All of us walked in and out of the conference room all day long in disbelief. This event changed us all.


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Movement To Contact said

I was living in upper marlboro MD at the time....i will never forget it.

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thetworegs said

ominous sounfro of loss an excellent piece of work ........

Guest said

We were all glued to the television over here as well. What a living nightmare! My daughter had arrived in San Francisco, I was doing my nut. Great musical interpretation here Chris.

Guest said

symbiotic deathknells eek the soul