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Barnabas Collins (w/ Norm)

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All of this is performed - Norm’s many percussion devices, Fender Mustang, and GR-20 driven by the guitar for the rest of the voices excepting a bit of a choir at the end.

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Norm said

Ha! This was great fun for me generating a large number of interesting spooky noises -all acoustically- in my laboorratory. The chilling errie wind sound was created with a long spring, attached to the head of a small hand drum (known as a “spring drum”, of course) and the “opening crypt” sound was generated by running my thumb nail down the spring under tension. And any time I get to hit the 30” Paiste gong, you know I’m smiling –evilly in this case.

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kirklynch said

Wonderful stuff guys!

Guest said

Ah, dark shadows indeed! That was gorgeous!

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KraftiM said

great classic moving organic underbelly piece

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Doc said

Nice and slightly crazy vampirian atmosphere, an interesting song, good work!