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Desecration of an Art Song

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Heh, I couldn’t believe I forgot to share this with my friends here. Well here is the story. I’m sure you’ll only listen once and probably not all the way to the end.

Year: 2008


Artist’s description:
Many years ago a brave soul uploaded several recordings of his sister’s recital to a newsgroup I created for amateur musicians. I asked for, and he gave, permission to use the recordings. Well…. this is what happened to one of them which was formerly “O Divin Rédempteur” by Schubert. I don’t expect anyone to like this. But whatever - consider it a remix Avant-garde style.

An anonymous young woman and pianist - plus a couple of digital effects here and there to enhance the sound a bit.

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

very nice!

Guest said

Wow...very intriguing!

Guest said

Different and beautiful (full on effects) desecrating the beauty of all matter.

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Newbold said

this is too special for any words right now. the effects are real for art meaning and mind can I say the cricket effect works like a scream ,, listening now best thing is the 4:33 min length of this.