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Crazy Train Jam

Jason Earls

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Just jamming on the riffs to Ozzy’s Crazy Train. I tried to play the solo note for note, but also added solos of my own. I hope you like it.

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Bill Courtney said

Tasty harmonics. I would like to hear you cover Highway Star someday. That is one of my all time favorite leads and I think one of the first "Bach-n-Roll" leads in rock history.

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Open Concept said

Incredible!! So tight and clean.

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FDR said

Love it,and so would Randy

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Mike Grunert said

Thanks for feedback on Death Rattle Blues. The end is my favorite part.

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thetworegs said

brilliant !!!!!!!

Guest said

very good player

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Cave Street said


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launched said

I love how this breaks down and then goes into that Rhodes style solo and rhythm!

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Rubber said

Me gusta mucho! JRR

Guest said

I do like it :)

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sixmilewide said

Love OZZY and this track, and this is right up there with them!! Great work Jason

Guest said

Yes, very well played!!

Guest said

WoW ! Great playing , great mix and effects.Well done.

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