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Experimenting with my piano/keyboard skillz and a first attempt at record clapping. Needs a good go over with some quality drums and some better arranging. Everything sounds very “synthy” on account of I don’t have any quality VSTi at the moment.

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Landscapes in Motion said

Nice rhythm. The bass works well with it. The fullness of the rhythem gives a very full sound, yet the tune is quite minimal.

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henky said

harvey this is class!!!

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ghst said

i agree with your comments on this track. you should definitely expand on this idea and go somewhere with this. all in all, the clapping sounds great though, center field and spacey!

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dougsparling said

great experiment.

Guest said

Love this, Harvey. Made me smile BEFORE my morning cup of tea.

Guest said

I know the feeling. I enjoyed listening. It was so good it almost seems the 1 min 44 sec time was shorter.

Guest said

I think you could really expand this, Harvey, it has all sorts of potential. Different!

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childhoodsend said

Nice piece from the Harv-Meister... More Please!!

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glu said

Love it.. especially that bass! I want the track to be twice as long, but I'll take what I can get! nice work.

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mmi said

This is the opening to a big movie, right? Camera moving slowly through a New England town in the autumn; red leaves blowing around...

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Sudara said

Ooooh, that bass is Juicy Fruit, love it. Clapping turned out really well. Gotta admit, I wanted it to build up and keep going! But I'm happy to be teased too :) Did you use compression at all, or is everything completely clean? What'chcu using these days as a DAW anyway? Good thing I ask you these detailed questions when alonetone doesn't let you reply back in a threaded way (who built this darned site anyway!) - but heck, I'm curious.

Guest said

Yay, it works nicely, clean clapping too.

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kirklynch said

Sweet! Wish this were longer. Love that bass part

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