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Silly Thought (RPM)

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Muriel Jeanne Skinner promised that if it were possible she would come back from the dead to
tell me about the afterlife. She has not returned..

Opened the window to let some air flow through
A bird flew in and landed in my living room
Something about that bird reminded me of you
And how you always said you’d come back
if there was an afterlife.

Part of me hoped it was you.
Part of me hoped it was true.
And you were back with something that
you needed to report.

Oh what a silly thought.

You always said that when you went away
You’d come back to me if there was a way
And tell me if there’s any truth in what they say
That there is an afterlife after all.

They say that anythings possible.
No matter how improbable.
With that the bird flew out the door.
And left me with my silly thought.

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Latest Comments

Dirty Spirits said

beautiful. i wouldnt mind having a go at this one.

Sister Savage said

Oh, what wonderful lyrics - great song!

launched said

It’s been a bit since I’ve even written a song, but I’m itching to get back to hurting people’s ears again :) RPM next year! Great to hear back from your, love your stuff!

thetworegs said

….. Nothing like just the piano and vocal….Bravo!….

launched said

Yes! Love it Alex - Simple and powerful right to the very end. I really enjoyed the possible/improbable lyrics and singing with the falsetto.

Colleen Dillon said

Awesome song!!

Guest said

Great tune!

Wildgeas Music said

Very inspiring. The bird just wanted you to write this beautiful piece. :)
Whew! You trashed my heart. Tissues please.

Merry Bear said

Powerful lyrics, man. Something all of humanity should be able to relate to; Buddhist, Christians, atheists, whatever their philosophy and beliefs be about a hereafter. So we’re all guilty of silly thoughts sometimes. I’m glad you had the courage to express it in music and poetry for the rest of us.

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