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Yesterday (COVER)

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One of my two contributions to a “Beatlesfest” we had over on a few months back.

I still can’t believe I covered this… having done it though, it feels like nothing is sacred. And, more worryingly, I feel I might possibly attempt to mangle all manner of other holy relics in the future! :-)

The only thing that will save us is that I’ll probably never get the time to do them…

Guest said

Great version mate love it!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Always killer vocals.

launched's avatar
launched said

Hmm, for some reason I did not have you flagged as "Followed" - Fixed! Remember this one, great fest and a stunning tune! The guitar crunch and the vocal harmonies make this the best!

Guest said

I saw this I was like "Oh hell yes!" And then I listen and it's like.... a harder rockin version..... wow! Very interesting in a really cool way. This song can tug at my heart strings no matter what. The brilliance of the Beatles can be conveyed through any way you wanna play it..... thanks for this one!

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twirretwarre said

Wow, very good cover of this great song!

Guest said

Any Beatles cover gets my best wish! i really like this man!

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stoman said

I usually do not listen to cover songs, but a cover done by one of my favorite musicians I could not resist. :) Great adaption, Andy. Still I prefer your original songs by far.

Guest said

I hope Sir Paul gets to hear this, I don't know who you are but you sing this equally as well if not with more passion

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Johnny Stone said

Great job mate very cool cover.

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thetworegs said

Agree with Bethan great cover

Guest said

What a performance! Most excellent cover.