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If You Knew

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I wrote this thing in 1994. When I played it to some friends back then they went “yeah, but where’s the rest of it?”

I’ve been struggling with that concept ever since. Then, a while ago, a couple of kindly souls removed that worry from me. It’s ok that it’s this short… it’s all I want/need to say to her/you – all the other bits I’ve tried to add over the years distract from it.

This year I sat down to record it… This is the song that I was about to record, and the mood that I was in, when “Anyway” popped out of nowhere. Writing and recording that put this one on hold for several months.

I finally started trying to capture this a couple of weeks ago, determined to get it done. It has been a complete and utter pig to sing/play/record. I’m still not entirely ecstatic about this version - but Mrs R says it’s ready…

If You Knew - A A J Russe

If you knew
If I was sure of you
And of how you’d choose
I would not be afraid
I would not flee

But as it is I’m not sure
Are the jokes that you make
Always at my expense?
How could I ask for more?
Even your wickedest smile’s worth waiting for

If you knew
It would be so much easier
To talk to you

Copyright (c) 1994 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved

Guest said

the clock got me....looking on the wall to see where it was... good story!

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MemphisMaiden said

Incredible vocals....

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corbinSound said


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corbinSound said

this progression is magic

Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks)'s avatar
Stan Gadziola AKA (gadzooks) said

Enjoyed your vocals ... lots of feel ... nice chord progression ... well done

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another cultural landslide said

Very nice track.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one Andrew great track

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Wildgeas Music said


Guest said

This is a pretty intense listen for something written 25 years ago! You have a wonderful gift for making every word sound completely in the moment and real.

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facemask93 said

Very nice Andrew , must have been difficult to sing man , i think the length of the song suits the content and style , fab

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richardlaceves said

ahhhh,,, isn't this often the case?? nicely done

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Love it. What a vocal on this. You always connect the listener with the song. Another beauty added to the catalog.

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Roger M. Harris said

Heart-felt springs to mind, love it

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Greg Connor said

Mrs R is right . . . *"It's ready"* You have acomplished what many can not; Offer a complete thought in a succinct manor. Nice going Andrew! You make it sound easy.

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Lady Jane said

I'm with Mrs R on this one... it was ready! x