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You Should Be Dancing (COVER)

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Found this little chappie while I was preparing my latest original for loading.

It was a quick demo recorded on my Boss Micro BR sometime in October or so last year (2011) while I was working on Shine.

It was a sort of “blow the cobwebs out” exercise (I’ve got another such exercise - an original - in progress, coming soon, called, er, “Cobwebs Out”, but that one’s more about stayin on yer back).

I quite liked this crazy-assed swamp-blues version when I did it, but I always intended to “do it properly” - mebbe get all the actual words together for starters, this was done entirely from memory. I didn’t think, at the time, that this was “good enough” to make public. But things have moved me on slightly, and I reckons it’s a bit of a giggle now.

It was the last thing I recorded before before we moved house. One double-bass, two resos and some bloke grunting and hitting things in a random fashion.

I seem to remember I caused the lady in the flat downstairs a lot of grief while I was recording the bass… oh well, I’m gone now, dear… tum-te-tum

Oh, and in case I’ve never said - I am a huge Bee Gees fan, their 60s and early 70s stuff is what started me off making music. If you’re not nice to me I shall do some more one day.

Guest said

We're digging the other trax too!!!!

Guest said

The Bee Gees meet the big bad-ass wooolf. Very cool.

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joeldbrodsky18 said

Only pure genius would think of this song in this very cool...those resos :-)

joeldbrodsky18's avatar
joeldbrodsky18 said

thoughly enjoyed yr take on this one...i was thinking whats he gonna do ..oh yeah...greasey...nice!

Guest said

Great cover, excellent production, top performance.

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Sandy Gritt said

yes that's the groove. Awesome vocals, I mean awesome!!

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galinka-music7 said

Very nice sound drums...good wave. And I like Your voice lot)))

Sandy Gritt's avatar
Sandy Gritt said

yeah! that's the ticket! priceless!!

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Dave Berry said

WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF in a good grooving way. Sensational man, sounds wicked done up like this. This could be huge on the radio right now.

launched's avatar
launched said

Smoking track - I could listen to this one all day, bud!

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thetworegs said

You should see these dancing slippers the Eric Clapton vocal.....

Guest said

Haha, growly and lots of fun! Quite cheeky actually.

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richardlaceves said


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Roger M. Harris said

Oh yes....White suit unpacked !!!!

Guest said

Oh, I had better not be nice then! You must do some more! Love it!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Well played. After reading your notes I've decided to be nicer to you. Just kidding.