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A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Cover)

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I can’t quite believe that I’m posting this, or that I’ve even recorded it. But I’ve played it like this sat on the sofa in the living room for many years, and I needed something to check out how to record a live “one vocal and one guitar” song. You wouldn’t believe the hastle it was capturing this!!!

It’s the perennial paean to sex under the influence. (Although it’s only as I get older - and have fond memories of being in my 20s and going through this sort of thing - that I’ve learnt to appreciate that this is what the song’s really about).

Anyway, here we go, me, guitar, one take, warts and all: “We skipped the light fan-thing-ummy”

Music and Lyrics: Brooker/Reid (although, since 2009, it appears that Fisher is now officially credited as a co-writer for his organ part - sorry mate, I didn’t use your bit!)

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Jon Freeman said

Love the SOUL you put into this vocal! Great job!

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thetworegs said

Still love your version of this classic...........

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joeldbrodsky18 said


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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Damn....thats a gem.

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thetworegs said

Back for another listen to this beauty to end the night.....Thanks

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Nosda Cariad said

Beautiful cover!

Guest said

I'm sorry to say I don't know the original, but your version.... well, wow! It reminds me of "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley.... I don't know why, but perhaps it's in the same vein. I don't know, but anyway, just beautiful, really.

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Roger M. Harris said

Don't normally like cover songs...unless they're turned on their head. And you have done a killer job...Great.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

I dig your voice...veey soulful.... Nice acapella version....

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kirklynch said

Always loved this one and you did a hell of a job with it! Great vocals!

Guest said

Really enjoyed that!

Guest said

Wonderful arrangement - haunting delivery. I love your voice...great LIGHT and soft shade!

Guest said

Well, you sing it so well. Sometimes we just have to get a song out of our systems. Thanks, that's great!

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Movement To Contact said

Had to wait until I could get a better listen. Well worth the wait, excellent cover Andrew. Made it your own.

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getro said

.. :-)

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Lady Jane said

Beautifully captured. This was number 1 in the UK on the day I was born (45 years ago this week!)

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Johnny Stone said

Great cover mate excellent.

Guest said

I am so glad you took the trouble of "capturing" this terrific version. Love your voice. Love the simple guitar accompaniment. Favourited!

Guest said

Well done.

Guest said

Hi,excellent vocal,so appreciate the one voice one guitar style. It is the only way to access my full attention. Superb, capture. Yes, I am a total fan of the band from Texas, Beard , Roads, and the reverend are so good on the Degueilo album. If you can listen to Nation wide again and try 2000 blues."..... Great cover Andrew. Faved and followed .......Steve

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Wildgeas Music said

Great sing-a-long. One of my all time favorites. Good job.

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thetworegs said

Excellent vocal.....a superb cover of this have definitely made it your it