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Delta Dawn (COVER) w. Lady Jane

Uploaded .

This is one of the many songs going round my head from when I was young. No idea whose version I heard and used to sing along to back then, but it was written by Larry Collins and Alex Harvey.

(EDIT: Done some research. It was Dottie West’s version I knew. And, while searching, I discovered that although it’s credited to Collins and Harvey, it’s entirely possible this is one of those publishing “moments” from the “good ole days”. It looks like Mr Harvey wrote it on his own.)

Lady Jane visited the broom-cupboard the other weekend and we proved it was just about possible for two singers with guitars to record live in there.

When we got a take we both liked, and before she escaped, I made her stick another vocal and a rather dubious looking thing (called a ukelele, apparently) on it. Then she got interested in the kabasa lying in a corner while I was trying to do something important, I forget what… so she put some of that on as well…

After she’d gone, I stuck a couple more guitars on, some slide on a resonator, and a bass part with me electric double-bass (I WISH it would sound more like an acoustic double-bass). I tried another harmony vocal, but it didn’t work, so I just doubled myself in the last chorus. Finally, I decided to bash a tambourine about a bit on it as well.

So, almost live in the broom-cupboard… Delta Dawn

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Colleen Dillon said

This is another of my all time favorites. You guys totally nailed it!!!! That's some magical broom closet...

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Colleen Dillon said

awesome cover!!! One of my favorite songs. Beautiful harmony

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Sister Savage said

Astonishingly great blend of vox - you guys sound amazing together! More please.

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Gary Fox said

This is awesome.

Guest said

great cover on this...cheers

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Alex said

Superb guitar - smooth as silk! Excellent female vocals, accompanies your own very well!

Guest said

Class . . .

Guest said

Wow, I love this song. Fantastic,

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James Michael Taylor said

Nice version of a great old song... Alex Harvey is regarded as the writer around here. Saw him at the Rubaiyat in Dallas back in 1975. More recently , at the Blue Bird in Nashville. He just came in unannounced with his buddies and sort of took over the place. Tanya Tucker was 13 when she recorded this song and it was what made her famous until she got too into her Elvis thing. Then Married Glen Campbell and that went real bad.

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Wildgeas Music said

A couple of pros. Nice track ya'll.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Sneaking some collab action in. Nice , oh so very nice! Makes me happy to hear this. ;)

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Nick P said

Nice job, wonderful harmony.....

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facemask93 said

Spectacular vocals & harmonies , just so good - a wonderful pairing guys

Guest said

I like the Tanya Tucker version. I have to tell you this is pretty professional and all, but I sort of wish you guys had traded verses to sing rather than just lines. I wanted to hear the particular singer go on a little longer. But it is great cover of a great old song.

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Mike Daish said

Great sound :)

Guest said

Nailed it.

Guest said

Very nice production :)

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FDR said

Nice one guys,like it!

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Greg Connor said

OK, I'm hooked. I just hit the replay button again. Great vocal synergy between the two of you, and the resonator guitar . . . well . . . it just brings it over the top.

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Nosda Cariad said

Fab' vocals and a spotless production make a great song!

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Andrew Russe said

Ah! Tanya Tucker - that was the name!! And, er, DAW? What DAW?! No DAWs in use here! lol I usually synch vocals by singing them again until they're right... We didn't really have that luxury, though - in the end I've got quite fond of the "rough and ready" vibe on it (it did bug me at first!)

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stoman said

This is one of my favourite songs of Helen Reddy's (although that's already a cover of the Tanya Tucker version)! Nice, bluesy rendition. :) The vocals are heavily out of sync though - you should fix that in your DAW.

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jip said

very niiiice! well done guys

Guest said

Lovely cover: The voices rub really fine

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oldrottenhead said


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thetworegs said

Great stuff.....

Guest said

Aw that's ace. Nice one guys!

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Just Jane said

And a very nice broom cupboard it is too... still think we should have done some AC/DC :P