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I wrote this little ditty back in May, did an acoustic demo and then played it to one or two people. I always meant to do something a bit more, er, “expansive” with the thing… So I stuck it in the corner for a bit and forgot about it.

Been recording this version on-and-off for a few weeks now. I had a certain amount of fun trying to play it and mix it to sound like the thing I could hear when I wrote it… This isn’t quite it – but it’s close!

Lots of Alice the Telecaster, an “SG” bass, and a bit of ham-fisted organ to muddy it all up in places…

Surrender - A A J Russe

And of course she didn’t notice
That what she wanted was the same thing
As all the jokers in the corner
Have wanted for so long

And although she didn’t know this
The very thing was on the table
All she had to do was grasp it
And drag the damn thing home

She said - I like… I don’t know what… I don’t know how
She said - I’ll take whatever you can offer now
She said - it’s not as if I’ve ever asked that much
She didn’t know… about surrender

She saw her body in the water
Left her old life in the cold
Not afraid now to go naked
Not afraid to go back home

Sometimes she tries hard to remember
How bad it really might have been
She just accepts those days are over
Gets up and starts again

She says - I like… so many things now, my head spins
She says - I thank you… that you did not take a thing
She says - it’s funny… did I really ask that much?
’Cause know she knows about surrender

And of course she never noticed
That all she wanted was the same thing
As the joker in the corner
Had wanted all along

Copyright (C) 2013 A A J Russe. All Rights Reserved.

facemask93's avatar
facemask93 said

Typical Andy R gem , a great listen

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Jason Earls said

excellent songwriting and vocals, and the guitar solo fits the track perfectly.

Guest said

That's Rock & Rock baby. Great stuff,

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informal grae said

Love your sound and voice - am trying to get my recording equipment up together to improve my recordings - serious and comedic stuff - keep up the good work. G:)

Guest said

cool raw rock an roll bro!

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stoman said

Your original songs are the best ones. Great stuff, Andy!

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Nick P said

Great song, great vocals!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

This deserves another WOOF!

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Roger M. Harris said

Andrew..... if you keep this up ..... I'm gonna give song writing... Amazing man.....

Guest said


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FDR said

Great stuff Mr Russe!

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another cultural landslide said

Completely full of soul! w;-)

Guest said

I am not now afraid to go naked, 5comets from here. loved the female backup voicings

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Just Jane said

Whoop! Much awesomeness here... love it! I couldn't help but sing harmonies to the 'She says' bit :)

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Jon Freeman said

Very well done. Especially like the vocals. The drums sound great as well.

Guest said

Well done.

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Ooh I like when the band jumps in full force. Nice punchy mix. That is a nice throw back riff and solo at the outro.

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Gene Eric Mann said

Smooth yet lightly grungy, like hot sauce on egg salad -- delicious! Rock on!

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oldrottenhead said


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Greg Connor said

Nice and tight. Very clean recording. Well done Andrew. It would be fun to hear the acoustic version.