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A further march down the road in acl’s evolution - and one of the many directions we’ve been dying to get to… it’s, ummm, water-y. (And this song is especially dedicated to J Wentz.)

KCsGroove's avatar
KCsGroove said

cool, psychedelic piece like it a lot! KC

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

This is great why did I not hear this before. Brilliant.

Lyndell's avatar
Lyndell said

Full of imagery. I love songs that paint me a picture.

Guest said

Layers...we lurvs the layers. Just beautiful!

dj num izisoundsystem's avatar
dj num izisoundsystem said

hi there fellow rpm challenger thanks for listening beautiful sound you make really like the tremelo overall a very rich fluid sound num

eshar's avatar
eshar said

As soon as I heard the opening bars of the piano I knew that I was going to like this track. I think you mentioned watery in your description and this does remind me of a river meandering along through rugged countryside on a warm summer day. Thank you for sharing and your recent comments about my latest upload. Elaine

Anthony Sweet's avatar
Anthony Sweet said

thanks Wendy for the reminder! I'm in. I'm excited to "hear" where this next month will take us. It should be an interesting trip. Peace to you on your journeying.

Guest said


ghostly's avatar
ghostly said

Fantastic build-up, shimmering. Does it for me.

Piscean Dream Band's avatar
Piscean Dream Band said

Great sounding drums. I'm a sucker for great drum sounds! This song reminds me of the band A Perfect Circle. Good stuff!

ic42's avatar
ic42 said

it is a smooth entry. it glides into my mind and melody floats there. a touch of dissonance is spicy. a good taste. 0x0

justmerritt's avatar
justmerritt said

the drums caught me off gaurd. very relaxing, i love the gradual layers. well done.


Turned on this morning and heard this. Sweet early morning.

Don Blackburn's avatar
Don Blackburn said

ooo I really like this. It's moody and brooding in a good way. Definitely sounds like a theme song for a cutting edge show.I like how it subtly builds.

J dY Stamp's avatar
J dY Stamp said

Wonderful! I so like it

Uncle's avatar
Uncle said

Carried me away... Nice developments. I enjoy the syncopated melodies! Wonderful fade!

djvyice's avatar
djvyice said

great chill out beat

Jeff Archer's avatar
Jeff Archer said

Haunting piano sound. I love it!

Piscean Dream Band's avatar
Piscean Dream Band said

This is mixed very well. Great dreamy music. The perfect music to wake up to.

maxthesax's avatar
maxthesax said

Sweeeeet! We get serious rip-tides and undertows here at the Jersey shore. Love the title and the music!

sanjosescottd's avatar
sanjosescottd said

Nice production and a great mix.

Oh My Goodness's avatar
Oh My Goodness said

love the blend!

Guest said

Oh, dreamy ACL goodness...Mmmm!

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

very good one!

mmi's avatar
mmi said

You had me at the piano intro. It just got better from there. The first piece of music I listened to today. What a great start to the day.

Guest said

Another beautiful track! Well groomed and polished to a high gloss finish. Cheers slap...

Guest said

Hi, good sound track and nicely arranged.

rewind's avatar
rewind said

Sounds deep. Me like. Exactly what I need at 4am.

J dY Stamp's avatar
J dY Stamp said

Really nice piece!

Guest said

Ha, I think you got a good idea of what's going through my brain right now... and it's definitely uplifting to have this kind of song to represent it. You two really are the king and queen of simple-yet-powerful chord progressions.

Ross Spencer's avatar
Ross Spencer said

A good way to start the day, thanks ACL.

brando's avatar
brando said

Good to see another acl playlist.

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