21 tracks by Drop D

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I relocated to Hawaii and had to leave most of my studio and instruments behind, so I have nothing to make new music with. However, I did discover an old track while un-packing and consolidating my…read more
This is just a bit of silly fun I had one day with a four-track cassette recorder...about 9 years ago (yup...another lost find fro the racks). Just blowin' off some steam on a day off in my little apartment of Tokyo. On first listen-back...it…read more
This track was made for collaborative purposes. Looking for a slow build of layers. If you hear anything that you would like to add...feel free to do so, and send it back to me...or post it and let me know that you did. TANKS!
Okay...so Godzilla comes to YOUR town and wants to get funky. What does it sound like? When I first came to Japan, there was a time when I spent three months homeless and living out of a coin-locker at Shibuya station. Eventually, I got out of…read more
Drum-n-bass composition I did back in 2004 via digital-razor-blade technique with an additional fat synth line. That's it. Hear something you want to add? Go for it!
An experiment in minimalism ala 2004 inspired by the likes of Muslim Gauze. Dumped a Korg ES-1 drum track into Nuendo...cut it up...then added a sample of an ancient Greek song of Mourning...cut that sucker up too...and this is the result. I did…read more
This cut was made right after operation Shock and Awe started. I wanted to try and capture the feel of being an innocent civilian caught in the middle of it with helicopters flying around...gun-fire swirling around, etc. It's particularly a tribute…read more
This is an old jam I found laying around while organizing and packing for a big move. I think it was created around 2004 using my Korg drum-machine to make a program...dumped into Nuendo and then "razor-bladed" to death. If anyone want to co-lab…read more
Okay...it's still a sloppy mess...but that's what you get when you have earthquakes, a new-born baby, a nuclear disaster, broken bones in your hand and a whole-lotta "uuuuuuuuuuurgh!" to get out of your system. Somedays, you just gotta play in…read more
Inspired by the french movie titled "The Element Of Crime." This is basically a night in the studio for some musical therapy via studio jam with myself.
This track is almost 14 years old, but is the result of me getting an hour or so alone in the KIIS FM studios thanks to my old college buddy Mike Madrigal who was doing production imaging for the station at the time. I did the drum loops (sampled…read more
This is what happens when I come back to a track that started being put together in a commercial radio station production studio back in about '92/'93 (post liquid-lunch "creative" time). The rhythm loops were layered then the crunch guitar (courtesy…read more
When I'm in the zone, I dub-out...but sometimes I just gotta blow the cobwebs out by gettin' silly on the drum machine and rippin' on the fret-less. This was one of the latter. It was heavily inspired by the book "Rolling Thunder Speaks"...specifically…read more
Aside from the drum machine, this is a fully vintage analog take on what the young whipper snappers these days are calling "dub-step." The distorted guitar sound is actually fret-less bass (as is the case with all my tracks because I only own…read more
Stepping outside of my normal "dub" vibe...this track was an experiment that started out as some support tracks for a live performance at a club for a Japanese band I was producing about 11 or 12 years ago. I had used a bunch of drum tracks and…read more
First track I produced on my DAW...just tryin' to get the feel of thing at the time (no manual...well...a manual, but it's in Japanese...so same thing). Anyway, it's pretty simple...programmed a drum track, threw down a fretless dub line...threw…read more
This tune hopefully shows the culmination of my musical influences (namely, Mick Karn (R.I.P.), Adrian Sherwood, Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble...) while also painting a visual picture...as it was written and recorded in one day after I went free-diving…read more
A little more up-tempo than my usual stuff, this is the first track I recorded with my melodica. Those things are TONS of fun. Had lots of fun making the drum track too. Really simple...drums, fretless bass (two tracks) and melodica...that's it.
This tune was written on the day I bought my vintage Yamaha CP-25 electric piano and returned to hear that Dennis Hopper had passed away. I fired up the gear and cranked this out. The sound of the piano made me feel like Ray Manzarek...thus the…read more
This solo studio dub jam was created and recorded in about 8 hours of play time one day. As usual, it starts with a simple drum machine track, then fretless bass, then keys, guitar, then a Balinese kecak drum and a tbilat drum and finally melodica…read more
Drop-D is the dub project of producer/bass player Scott A. Meister living on Mt. Fuji where he also runs a Bed & Breakfast with his wife on Lake Yamanaka (a.k.a. Yamanakako). C-4 is a studio jam.