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Eight Or More Flavors Of Milk

Galileo's Cough Drop

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This composition is a remix/reincarnation of a previous tune I wrote a while back. I wasn’t ever quite satisfied with it and had neglected to incorporate a nifty additional bit of melodic material from a friend and collaborator, Robert Nichols, so I decided to revisit it. This version includes Robert’s contribution, plus a generous helping of rework on my part.

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Sandy Gritt said

Loving just makes me feel good.

Guest said


Guest said

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, etc.? Great track!

Guest said

Still awesome.

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Backyard Ghost said

Nice One!

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Hydrographica said

Great, very nice track.

Guest said

:) Yeah man!

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Johnny Stone said

Great mix mate very cool.

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

@Summer Lungs: I use Logic Pro and lots of third-party freebies. For this tune, in addition to the synths/effects from Logic itself, I also used a couple of Native Instruments Kore Player instruments, the mdsp@smartelectronix LiveCut plugin, the Lowcoders & Bitplant King Dubby Dub Delay, and the FuzzPlus2 plugin from Audio Damage.

Guest said

:) Eight flavors of gooOOOoood!

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mmi said

Really digging on this.

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Summer Lungs said

I really like the sounds you got on this; can I ask what DAW/gear you use?

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yelyah said

Dig all of the different musical bits going on in this one!

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kirklynch said

Wow! Great stuff!

Guest said

Catchy! This is awesome! Like the beats too.

Guest said

Well, you should be satisfied with it now because this is FNG!!! Nice work.

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Oil On Canvas said

i like it!

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Wildgeas Music said

Pretty snazzy fellas. Some cool beats happening....

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