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Boxes And Strings (moschell)


this is the slightly sparkly version of my version of Moschell’s “Boxes and Strings” from his ‘Circus of Freaks and Fools’ RPM Challenge CD. I recorded it as a video last night and redid it in the studio (unfinished sauna) today.

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Jewels & the Sky said

perfect tune, man.

Guest said

Hey this is great! I still can’t believe the lyrics - great entertainment.

Crystal Dawn Baker said

Cheers!! I want to stay:)

am/fm dreams said

hey man…great cover of a great song…well done…
(am/fm dreams)

Guest said

I want to see you play live before I die.

rob mills said

Must be rpm jukebox, ain’t up anywhere else. Another fine tune, by the way!

moschell said

Ha, look what I found. Pretty. Thanks. Don’t know if it’s proper for me to favorite it, but what the hell, I am. Beautiful job!

David Marcouillier said

Fantastic rendition, Stu. Top notch. This is fun as hell…

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