from The Windy West of Ireland

About "The Devil In You, Too"

Written today.
recorded on an iMac with the internal mic and no headphones (!) so it’s probably going to be muddy as hell, but that feels about right for now.


Fill up the glass, Bartender
Ply your art
Quench the fire in here, now
Have a heart
There’s a Devil lives inside of me
Gonna take him down a peg or two
I see the devil in you, too

I walked the line all day
I counted every tie
From the cradle to the grave
The Devil raises Hell on high
And still he’s howling for his due
I see the Devil in you too.

So fill up the glass, Bartender …

So have we ever met before?
Did we ever cross swords?
Did I count you as a friend?
Or was the last bell even heard?
Will the Devil have the final say, or will you?
I see the Devil in you, too.

So fill up the glass, Bartender ..

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