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People Are Strange


Yeah, that Doors song.

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Akatsuki said

Groovy as hell!

Guest said

Great from van leaf

Djörk said

strange but familiar… well played :)

Movement To Contact said

Like the subtle finger rolls as well.

Movement To Contact said

Very nice cover my friend, very nice!

b-kader said

you’re so right

thetworegs said

we certainly are.

Vestigial Remorse said

Nice – I’ve always loved this song in general, and you did a good job covering it.

Rick Phillips said

Kavin you rock and are one of my favorite guitar players on this site!

Guest said


corbinSound said

great cover!

Yardful of Birds said

Nice. I don’t think The Doors get enough respect. I blame Val Kilmer and Oliver Stone for that. Your version is great.

James Michael Taylor said

Hey, Kavin.! I figured I’d put up the songs from my new CD. Cool, doing a Doors song…

j mt

Jason Earls said

great job, the doors are one of my all time favorite bands, long live the lizard king!

richardlaceves said

Hi friend,,, Doors songs are great arn’t they? i just did one crystal ship,,, i was thinking about doing this next it’s such a cool song,, not to mention it’s very true to heart… i guess we have all felt strange at one time or another,,, well played

Galileo's Cough Drop said

Great job covering this one!

Letter Seventeen said

Oh yeah! Great bit of moodiness and I really dig the instrumental breaks.

Guest said

I haven’t heard this before, it’s great, believable vocal and I love the guitar.

Guest said

Well done!! Love the Doors!

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

people ARE strange. No doubt about it. Really f'in strange.

Johnny Stone said

Hey mate thanks for your comments. Take care mate and have fun.

another cultural landslide said

Great cover of a favorite Doors song! w;-)

dAb said

Yeah, that works. Damned good cover! :)

Guest said

Muy Bien Kav!!! Excellent man.

Johnny Stone said

Great job mate brilliant, top guitar mate.

c}{imps 8 my ears said

tight . but not uptight . loose in good spots ‘ like the hips .

Wildgeas Music said

Once again, some stunning guitar work. You did this song much justice. Well done.

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