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Sevenly Haiku

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This is a little ditty I did for a local songwriting group I’m in. The prompt was “No instruments” and a previous prompt was “One chord only”, so I combined the two.

The haikus were written for a creativity group I’m in, so I used them for the lyrics. All the haikus are about things in 7s. Just realised I could have added an extra verse about rugby! Ah well!

Enjoy! xox

Concepts of colour
The vibrating energies
Creating rainbows

Wheels of energy
For keeping you well balanced
Spiral within you

Random melodies
F, G, C, A, B, D, E
Feel love in music

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another cultural landslide said


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Haltia said

Absolutely beautiful!

Guest said


Guest said

Very inventive

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richardlaceves said

quite nice ma lady

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Greg Connor said

I stopped by for another listen. It's facinating.

Guest said

:) Very enchanting!

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Andrew Russe said

When I read the "about" I thought "uh-oh, it ain't gonna grab me" BUT! It's fab, love it :-)

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Just Jane said

JMT - now updated - hear my words! x

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James Michael Taylor said

I like this a lot. But on my player the background voices overwhelm your words. Want to hear the words. Want to hear the words.

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Greg Connor said

Very interesting. I'm glad you explained the concept. Third listen . . . Pretty neat idea.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Interesting collage of vocal types coming together.

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informal grae said

ch ch ch eese?