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The verge of sanity

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Lyrics have been adapted from a poem Mike wrote when he was in his teens.



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Sister Savage said

Come back, Lady Jane!

Guest said


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Sister Savage said

Such a fabulous track - songwriting and performance. The melody follows me about. Brilliant, Lady J.

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darkarma said

nice harmonies

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Gene Eric Mann said

Cool lyrics! Nice arrangement. Sweet melody and vocals.

Guest said

Back at ya Lady Jane, we are inspired by your down home feel, girl. To Sir with Love and Down Home Girl from Rolling Stones Now. Keep strumming. Steel drums to boot? Cool.

Guest said

So brilliant.

Guest said

tess , you are absolutely right

Guest said

I like this song alot.

Guest said

A song Kirsty MacColl would've been proud of. Absolutely brilliant.

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richardlaceves said

indeed,, very fine,, the vocals/harmonies are really nice, it all flows well together, kudos to the poem writer

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one.

Guest said

I only need one word, great.

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Mike Daish said

Still sounds fantastic :)

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Andrew Russe said

Well, while I've got the wife's attention for music, I thought I'd play her this one as well... Mrs R verdict - Stunning.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Wow! Great song!!!!!

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Andrew Russe said

And I need another listen to this as well. This is gorgeous, utterly gorgeous.

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vaisvil said

nicely done! Love the vocal harmonies!

Guest said

very nice

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natepierrenelson said

good sound

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markgoldsack said

Wow Sis! I've taught you well Grasshopper......:-P xxx

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thetworegs said

And you do it so well too.......

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Just Jane said

Thank you all for your delightful and uplifting comments. I find it amazing that I didn't know I could do this until three months ago xox

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jip said

Nice one Ladyeeee! Harmonies are great.

Guest said

Oh, Your Ladyship, this is wonderful! Bethan

Guest said

Completely getting the Christine McVie reference, and also, oh my! Fabulous melody!

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Greg Connor said

Lady . . . You found the sweet spot. Nice song! A friend called me to tell me "The Verge Of Sanity" was a *MUST LISTEN*

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Andrew Russe said

You know how you're listening to the track above, and then the next one starts, but you've already heard it just now, so you reach for pause... Didn't click it this time lol This is fab.

Guest said

Wow, Lady.this is your key center. I dont mean to compare but Christie Mc Vie , dose a great mercy / regae nu tune. So inventive.

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Mike Daish said

I love it!

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Andrew Russe said

Well, that was 19 second Fave :-) (It was nearly 2 seconds, but I thought I'd better wait for the vocal lol) And then when the backing vocals came in I wished had an "Even Better Than That" button to press... Fabulous. Love how the melody skips.