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Lazy Sunday (revoxed and messed)

Uploaded .

Messing with a few of my ‘oldies’ (lol) for my mum’s 70th birthday CD :)


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informal grae said

Good Vibe - jazz a la Monsieur Morrison?

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informal grae said

Is this the day before the Manic Monday?

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James Michael Taylor said

Great groove. Is that a midi bass? It's sooo clean.

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rob mills said

Cool jazz man - very Blue Note. Love it!

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facemask93 said

Great backing , but above all , divine vocal , loved the track

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James Michael Taylor said

Really evocative. You are using that program very expertly. I have been working in Logic Pro since my computer with Nuendo died.

Guest said

Nice. Nice. And sad... But NICE.

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lgh said

This is the Stuff! Hell yeah LG

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rick4nier said

thanks for the great song

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drorkessler said

really like the easy feel ... reminds me of Jody and the Grind ... nice

Guest said

friggin keep loving this LJ. Peace from over here ....

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thetworegs said

Loving that bass.....a gem of a song .......Wonderfull the whole feel fact I love it.....

Guest said

Rocks my earphones Taps my feet

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Wildgeas Music said

That's a BIG sound. Love the horns...Real classy Lady :)

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James Michael Taylor said

This is really solid. From note one. Love the tone on that bass.

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Roger M. Harris said

Great track Jane, a sultry voice for a lazy sultry sunday afternoon. Happy birthday to Mum :)

Guest said

Excellent ;)

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jip said

nice singing jane - sultry voice. x

Guest said

<3 wonderful

Guest said

Jazzy, keep up the inspriration Lady J.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

This very darn good. Your vocals fit perfect over a jazz tune like this. Love it.

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Greg Connor said

Lady . . . You are bring a little class to the place! That's a fun song to listen to.

Guest said

Some cool intro there your ladyship. Love the song and the music has a great "Big Band" feel. Happy birthday Mum!

Guest said

Sounds more saucy than lazy, but yes, Lady, super cool.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh FAB! :) These are the vocals we wanted from the old version... Am I allowed to "un-fave" the old version?! ;)