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I left my toothbrush in St. Louis

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card

When I put these last 3 songs on itunes, my computer did something weird. It told me that these songs were already out there on the internet somewhere. So, in order not to infringe on any copyright laws, I would like to assure everyone that NONE of these last 3 songs are “NJ Drug Free Winners” or “New Jew Review”. Also, I am not affiliated in any way with “Greenday”. I would also like to say that Texahoma has really big corndogs. Huge. Thank you.

song has 1 guitar track, clean, no effects.

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Guest said

Love the lead guitar - so melodious and mellow :-)

johnosullivan said

The best thing since Iggy and the Stooges.

stoman said

Funny. :) Somehow it seems I’m starting to dig crazy stuff like this.


Norm said

This is still fantastic. I’m sorry about your toothbrush.

Guest said

Good stuff! 348

braddassey said

No, I’m not mad. :) I think all feedback is important, it’s just how someone addresses it. It’s important to address how you feel, but try not to be insulting when you try to say it. :) I think everyone is talented in their own ways. Everyone is different and unique, which makes us all special and who we are.

braddassey said

Hey there! Thanks for the comment and feedback. I totally appreciate it. I use Alonetone for posting my audio on Facebook. It creates a nice little player in Facebook so I can show my friends my voice over and audio work, songs, audio work, voice overs, etc. You have some pretty cool tunes! Good luck to you as well. :)

Sandy Gritt said

Hilarious…way to mix it up!

Guest said

Forgot how cool this is! B)

Guest said

Cool. I’ll have to check this Harry Partch out. Keep rockin’

dAb said

Yeah! Like it! :D

Guest said

lol nice profile picture there… :)

Gilbert Neilson said

This is a hoot! Great job!!

Guest said

Whoa!!! kick ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Dawn Baker said

Hopefully, you’ve replaced your toothbrush by now!!! This sounds like an anthem to me.

lsd25 said

Just figured out how to let you know how to tell you how much I like your tunes.

Feel free to use as much static as you like.

Guest said

Hell yeah!

Circuit Tree said

it doesn’t get any better than this! yeebrah.

mmi said

Dunno if you intended it but a fine tip of the hat to the late great Lux Interior.

Mannequin Races said

Great romp! Love the subject matter! This has a nice raw feel to it.

Guest said

This is the song that was left off the repoman soundtrack!! or at least it sounds like it. loved it.

dj num izisoundsystem said

have downloaded this for my itunes but also cos i know my friend may well dj this… if thats allowed…? (dont understand the rules about this sort of thing) num

Mr Sandbags said

Thanks for the nice comment. Yeah those “abouts” were written at the ~23hr mark when I was at my nadir. I’ve left them for posterity but - relistening later - I was less horrified than I imagined I would be :) Looking forward to the next one!

Mr Sandbags said

Fun :)

Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

thank you ic42. That’s the nicest thing ever said about losing a toothbrush. Maybe I will loose it again. I’ve going to Denver at the end of the month. Maybe I can leave my toothbrush in Denver.

ic42 said

it is a fun song. it is good that i did not leave my toothbrush in st louis, so i can smile with clean teeth. i think it is good to lose your toothbrush, if it creates this music.

ghostly said

Hey, that’s a guitar. But you said…… :-)

Lord Sluk said

I left my d12 in St. Louis !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord Sluk said

4.0 ? They still haven’t improved the game. Even AD&D was barely an improvement to Original Basic D&D. They have moved the game to skill base and away from an archetype base. That’s change but not an improvement.

Greg Albrecht said

Fantastic! FANTASTIC!

Lord Sluk said

i am an avid 1st edition AD&D player/dm - i would love to play. transportation is aan issue. i have a van but i don’t drive :(

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