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Afoxe Rendition with Blocks

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“Afoxe” is a rhythm played by carnival groups from Bahia in Northeastern Brazil. It is named after an instrument that is traditionally used to play this pattern: an afoxe is a beaded gourd; aka “shekere”. In this rendition, I replaced the shaker parts with Chinese blocks.

A traditional, carnival-type performance of Afoxe can be heard here.

4/4 200bpm

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thetworegs said


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Geir said

This is really cool .... a relaxing rhythm-track... love it

Guest said

Love it Norm! Thanks for the comment!

Guest said

This is excellent, really something to listen to closely.

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Johnny Stone said

Great brilliant top job mate.

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kirklynch said

Great stuff Norm! I must make some time to jam with some of your tracks

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