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Groove for Saint Joseph

Uploaded .

This is one stereo track of 6 conga drums tuned, by ear, to roughly a chromatic scale (I don’t know which one - perhaps I’ve gone micro-tonal!) coupled with a single track of ad-lib quinto (the high drum) and a “shuffle” groove on trap-set (which I don’t play), constructed via a metronome, in the absence of the conga tracks, by Black Tiger. The tuned congas were played in a “chording” fashion - 2 drums struck simultaneously to make a chord, and processed via the Lexicon to “drum plate” reverb, with compression.

The “shuffle” groove (aka “swing” groove) is a 4/4 pattern used primarily for jazz, in which the 4 beats of the bar are triplets, but only the 1st & 3rd triplet notes are played. I find that the shuffle groove lends itself particularly well placed against a polyrhythm pattern in 6, which is the meter for the conga parts.

Dedicated on this Father’s Day to the patron saint of fatherhood, Joseph, and to all fathers who always seem to be in the right place, saying just the right thing, when we need it most. Thanks Dad!


(Many thanks to Black Tiger, who tells me the bpm on this is 80, but how you set your metronome depends upon what time signature you are hearing this in!)

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thetworegs said


Guest said

Just listened to the BrianisedBassed up version of this ,good job by bothyas.....

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richardlaceves said

great sound,, well hit

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kirklynch said

How Cool! Love how you can hear a melody in the drums

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Norm said

Yep. It's official. I finally broke through micro-tonally! Vaisvil plotted the conga scale sample at the end of the track on his V-vocal software, which demonstrated the 6 note scale I used ran from F to C#. So much for tuning via my tin ear - but on the other hand maybe my micro-tonal appreciation is just maturing.

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Brian Bazeley said

Daddy got offspring.

Guest said

Wow, you the daddy!

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Alister Flint said

played your congas like a bass, eh! i think it works pretty well, and a sweet java flavor to it (not the indonesian folk)..

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Reefwalker said

I like the Fx's with the percs. hahah, I really like the hidden Easter egg at the end too

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Rick Phillips said

Awesome Norm!

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launched said

Love it! It's a song within itself. Great job, guys!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Holy Sh*t! That is really something bro! Amazing that it is all Drums! Has a Great Melody! Faved!

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vaisvil said

great work my friend!!