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Mother Nut Drop

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As I had nothing better to do last night, I had this great idea that I would construct a rhythm for the 24 hour challenge. This would be different: a 24 minute drum solo (I mean, who wouldn’t love that?). I even had a perfect bass riff: the “Mother Rhythm” an ancient, simple but magical African pattern in 12/8 that legend states all other rhythms in the world emanated from (^OO^XX^OO^XX). So I pulled a cork and everything was going fine. I opened the pattern with a deceptive Cuban Abakwa clave (which lends itself nicely to patterns both in 4/4 and 6/8) and 6/8 cowbell, to which I later add a low cowbell that IS played in 4/4, making this a true 6vs4 polyrhythm. After another glass of wine, I even allowed myself to crash my own party with BONGOS (who let him in?) playing mostly in 4. (Never look a bongo player in the eyes - it will only encourage him).

But then it happened.

Things started to fall apart at 4:00. Literally. I was playing that Mother Rhythm like a mother - so hard, in fact, that one of my nuts fell off. Fell off right onto the floor mounted bass mic. You can actually hear it hit the mic @ 4:09. It totally wrecked the groove. (Whaaaa? Hey! I’m talking about a nut from my conga stand! Did you think…? Oh man, that’s just wrong!)

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Dave Berry said


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thetworegs said

Another early prezzie to myself........

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thetworegs said

marvellous ........

Guest said

love this one. I think you missed your calling. Nancy

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Movement To Contact said

Even with your troubles I still dig this one man.

Guest said

Well you had me wondering as I read the background story,I thought hell he must have been battering the bloody hell out of those drums,poor sod.....Nice track

Guest said

thanks bud. I love yer percussion Normito!

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Welcome to Forever said

Love the track title! Tight work here....

Guest said

Hahaha, and yet so right! Very cool! Tess

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Movement To Contact said


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Movement To Contact said


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Newbold said

very nice work here.

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Cave Street said

Killer track!

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kirklynch said

Excellent! I hate it when a nut falls off!

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launched said

I can't help but chuckle when I read the title, but I guess I'm quite juvenile :) I think this is great work, Norm, and so pro as usual. Nothing like real beats - Period!

Guest said

hey your time was utilized correctly. i love the beat!

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vaisvil said

excellent! I really like this one

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Reefwalker said

Negative ghost rider, that polly rhythm pattern is full. Awww man, theres something about a 24 minute poly rhythm solo that makes conga stands fall apart !