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Surf Naked!

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Conga improvisation. It could really use some vintage surf-style guitar work…

4/8 180bpm.

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thetworegs said

I'm surfing the net and i'm naked YAAAaaahh! Happy new year!!!!

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kirklynch said

Great stuff Norm!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Amazing!!!!! I think Drumming is one of the hardest things to do Musically! You are freaking Awesome!!!! Faved Bro! Did I say Awesome!!!!?!?! AWESOME!!

Guest said

your tech. is great. I like the title too! lol. Although I wouldn't wanna surf naked in parts of florida now....that oil spill.

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Rick Phillips said

Thanks Norm for listening! looking forward to hearing Jarvis lay a guitar down on Surf Naked!

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Norm said

Jarvis, yes it does have a "Wipeout" sound to it - I was trying to get that sort of vintage surf music feel into a drum pattern. Now if I can only find a guitarist to do that quick decending "doodle-loodoo-loodle-loodle-loodle-loodle-loodle" surf guitar lick at the very beginning... what in the world do you call that cool sound anyway?

Guest said

This has deffo got a 'Wipeout' Sound to it which will be interesting to somehow avoid in a gtr track.Imay have a stab at it. Nice drumming.

Guest said

Yeah, this would song great with some Verbed-out surf guitar. very cool man.

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Anthony Sweet said

Norm, this is wonderful stuff!

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Norm said

You must be surfing in California. You may find the temperature more appealing in Hawaii or Central America! ;) Thanks for listening!!

Guest said

But it's so damn cold! Still, freedom of the waves! Loved this one.

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launched said


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Norm said

Ha! I agree - in fact I'm fairly certain that it is an unalienable right for all; but you've got to be very good about the sunscreen.

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dAb said

No-one should be denied the chance to surf naked! :)