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Skin On Skin

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Improvisation on congas and very fragile, clay Moroccan bongos (which my brother found for me from an African display at some zoo!). These bongos are basically clay pots with permanent, very thin goat skins stretched over the top - they can not be tuned.

4/4 200bpm

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Movement To Contact said

and just found Jarvo's comment, hahaha.....

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Movement To Contact said

Just noticed the comment i left on this 2 years ago :O TWO YEARS man ;) haha, it has now been properly fav'd and still inspires me to "get my tribal on"

Guest said

Cool title and the percussion is spot on as hell...lots of talent Norm.

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BraedenVMusic said

this is a wonderful jam keep postin man

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Dave Berry said

I like all your tracks, so excellent sounding.

Guest said

SO. VERY. GREAT. I bet your bones are melodic.

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Movement To Contact said

Now this is perfect. Used to play conga's for my dad when i was 7 or 8. You just inspired me to go get my tribal on

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I'm Blown away by this Skill man!!! Freaking Amazing atmosphere you generate man!!! Awesome!!

Guest said

great playing! What kind of mics did you use to get such a crisp sound? the way, wouldn't it suk if aliens came and used our skin for drums? lol

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Mannequin Races said

I'm a percussionist first and foremost so I love this. Awesome jungle jam. Those congas sound nice and full.

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alexisfromtexas said

When I was young, I remember dreaming about what I called "jungle drums"; I'm not sure why. I dreamed your song...long ago in the depths of some astral flight apparently. Thanks for recording it.

Guest said

My Dad played the drums, ha, I thought he did! This is tribal indeed, there's a little tinkle in there too, nice touch.

Guest said

Nice sort of Spanish sound to this ,makes you want to weave and flick your hips.....owwww me backs gone !!!

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Reefwalker said

tight, and sprinkled with some interesting perc's brotha !

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another cultural landslide said

You got my groove goin' :) Very cool! w;-)

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Norm said

Many thanks, Launched! It is always a blast working with ReefWalker.

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launched said

Dude! Strong stuff. You got the timing and the rhythm! I also thought the tracks that appeared on reefwalker's songs worked really well - Awesome!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate dig it. Thanks for your comment mate.