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I feel I know you now

Tharek Ali Mokbul


Oh’ I am not so ready in my heart

But I will reach for closeness to the wind

Fear stops what we feel.
I feel i know you now.


Let’s talk of all the things we need to say

No whispers will suffice in our abode

Only song of what we hold
I feel i know you now.


sound of soul made real when face to face

Listen as our breath becomes the same

As we find one in names.
I feel i know you now.


The only thing that holds a heart in place.

The only thing that keeps me from disgrace.

Let it be part of you.
I feel i know you now.


Open wide and all i see is hope

In yours i thought i found a map

So long did i search for you.
I feel i know you now.


Strangers to the words i never say.

Memory of a person left behind

Hope for one day of grace
I feel i know you now.


Costly to a heart that never wants.

Next time wants will need the same.

Greed will never thank.
I feel i know you now.

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