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This is a collaboration with some tasty funkadelic percussion added by Norm. Guitars and Keys with some Fx’s, I hope you like it,

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thetworegs said

Me likey some Funk!! ...

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thetworegs said

now that's funk E fellows.........

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Movement To Contact said

Swweeeeet sweeet sweet, I second rick on this one! Killer!

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Rick Phillips said

Dont you just love playing with those effects! sounding good guys!

Guest said

oh yeah...I'm addicted!

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launched said

Diggin' through the archives!

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Hydrographica said

Holy Shiz, this is awesome!

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another cultural landslide said

Like it? I LOVE IT! w;-)

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launched said

Waaaaaaaaah!!! Killer rockout. Great effects and pro, pro work. I dig this immensely!

Guest said

cool song! thought ur name said reeferwalker at first. lol

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kirklynch said

Great guitar! Dig it!

Guest said

WAY cool!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one great track.

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dAb said

Great stuff, I really like this.

Guest said

Super track, love it.

Guest said

wild effects great tune.

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Wildgeas Music said

Yea! Rock and roll... Real cool. Great job fellas.

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Jason Earls said

awesome, killer guitar, like the wah.

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Norm said

Wailin'! I like how you end the song on the same pitch as the dial tone. "I'm out of here!"

Guest said

Me gusta mucho! :}

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richardlaceves said

This is fun and i do like it!! great shared collaborative