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Phone Slave

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Starting out as a simple and awe inspiring invention, progressing to a more chaotic and demanding machine driven future. - people becoming enslaved to these devices. Feeding the machine.
Phone samples were recorded from the output jack of my cell phone. Took a while to manipulate the woman’s voice near the end of the track to say incorrect words but I think it turned out OK
Like to chat more but im getting IM’ed :)

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hojorising said

That is really cool Bruce! Very inspiring....... I'm taking my Zoom field recorded "Into the Field" to get some "Sounds of Hollywood"!

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Al's left hand said


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Movement To Contact said

Thanks man, i had a lot of ...."issues" going on with the world when i slapped that one out. ;)

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Integrate Origin said

This puts the fear of phones in me. Interesting stuff.

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kirklynch said

Cool and creative piece of work!

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da gubbamint said

dats real kool.

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da gubbamint said

dats real kool.

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launched said

It takes a lot of timing skill to match noises up with real music and you nailed it perfectly! Excellent job with this!

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am/fm dreams said

love it...awesome string/synth mix

Guest said

love the powerful strings....all of it is great.

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Reefwalker said

Thanks guys for your comments and listen, had a lot of fun making this one

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Hot Damn!!!! This is a Superb Production!! The Skill it must have taken to do the Messages in Layers must be immense!!! I'm Seriously inspired by this track but won't dare attempt anything Like it! Soo good!

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richardlaceves said

interesting sound scape,,, which i find you often have,,, your music seems to cross that divide from merely hearing into the almost visual,,,,, well sounded/seen

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Norm said

Are you still there?? Nice work, Reefwalker!! The thing I love the very most about it is** Oh - gotta go - phone's ringing...

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another cultural landslide said

Clicked favorite button at it :) w;-)

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Rubber said

:) that was fun

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Jason Earls said

interesting sounds!

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Mr Sandbags said

That's great, love what you've done here.

Guest said

Very creative! Love the music throughout the phone/voice montage, and the stringy intro! Might have to use it as my new ringtone...............

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vaisvil said

I love the sample work !

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Johnny Stone said

This is cool mate great sounds. Samples from your cell phone that's great. I love this technology the posibillity's are endless.