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Phonus Interuptus (Open Mic Blues)

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It seems a lot of you record with open mics and can relate. I record 1 track at a time with usually 4 or 5 tracks. So, Im only asking for about 15 minutes of Silence…IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK??? Anyway, my house is so loud, I get a lot of bloopers, which I made into a song. Thanks to Black Tiger who did the original drum track first, my bulldog Daisy, guitars and vox interuptions at my house..

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Norm said

Still laughing at this one...

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jip said

I hang up my guitar - all this stuff is awesome!

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Lady Jane said

Ha! I relate to this too! :)

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thetworegs said

I'm a fan .....ignore that phone......too late.......

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Cave Street said

You know I feel your pain, brother! [Wrong Number](

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Keith Landry said

Just back again to listen to this epic piece of recording greatness!

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Movement To Contact said

I still vote this for best home studio musician track of the decade. If you can't a microphone. I was trying to record vocals the the collab with Epimeison yesterday and right in the middle of take 2, what decides to ice cream truck. REALLY?? You have a whole freakin park across wash and you choose my street with all of 3 kids to sell to!?! The economy must have really taken it's toll on the mobile frozen milk delivery service. WTF?!? Love it, fav it again if I could.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Oh man! I hear ya bro! The reason I do a lot of one track stuff is because all I get is 3 mins sometimes... In the dead of night! So I have to sing low... If my son see's me with a guitar, he wants to play it... And daddy aint allowed! Open mic is the best bro (For the modern day songwriter.. Lol) And this is a perfect tribute to the concept! Your voice is awesome in this by the way! Love the carefully placed F*cks! Awesome slice of life you got hear! Awesome!

Guest said

Still love this.

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Stashbox said


Guest said

I only had one song at open mic where you could have heard a pin drop, the rest of the time, they usually talk through it. It's all in the studio now when the little ladies are in bed. Ah bliss!

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skiks/bruce hamilton said

man, great touches. & thanks for the compliments on 'folly' that you listened all the way through & 'got it'

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Al's left hand said

LOL. I can relate. Since I can't actually play any of the instruments I use in my songs, sometimes I'm best off using a take with some horns or meows or jingling in the background. I often unplug my phone... and then forget to plug it back in when I'm done.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

that's right! at home baby!

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

the vocals are so earnest and funny, and retain shape in the song

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very cool.

Guest said

phone ringing, dog barking (or drinking water) ac comin' on, kids outside screaming, someone comin' home and opening (or slamming close) the front door, dryer buzzer goin' off, fridge condenser fan comin' on....;>)

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quill said

Oh my gosh you are making me laugh! If I had your number, I'd totally call you and tell you that in person! Directory assistance isn't coming up with a "reefwalker", though ... I'll keep trying. All the best in the meantime!

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Wildgeas Music said

This is why I moved my studio to the back porch and tossed the cell phone. :)

Guest said

I'll take your word for it that this wasn't conveniently edited... but even if it had been... that's some funny sh!t right there. Bravo, sir! I don't record much with an open mic myself... but I do have four feline furbags that insist on 'keeping me company' whilst I record. :-)

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dougsparling said

Ha, nice one. Just like my "studio."

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

funny, funny funny.

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Keith Landry said

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. This is pure genius.

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vaisvil said

Hi, The Suicide is programmed actually and uses Kontakt sounds. I have a large number of manuscripts which I created in college and shortly after (before 90's no computer program I had could let me score reasonably). In this case, The Suicide, was scored at an upright piano and I could play it at the time. Its really easy to play.

Guest said

ooops, I mean cool title.

Guest said

Great tune! cool tittie!

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xenotolerance said


Guest said

HAha Awesome

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Reefwalker said

Thanks guys for the listen and comments ! Richard, that sound like a great idea. If AT was a Tavern, I'd buy a round for everyone ! What better than a community of musicians to drink with

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richardlaceves said

very nice mr reef,,,,,,this has the magic of being....funny,,,,, real,,,,,something we all have been through,,,,, yove got a great sense of humor,,,,, you sound like someone id like to sit down and have a beer or two with well played/recorded R

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Norm said

For those who keep track of such things - RW songs featuring negative telephone experiences: Phonus Interuptus (Open Mic Blues) Only One Button Left to Push Phone Slave Fun K It sounds to me like you need to talk this out - I'll give you a call. (Perhaps we all should)

Guest said

This makes me smile so much! I love it!

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kirklynch said

HAHA! Brilliant!

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launched said

Ha, love it! I can't escape the crickets and frogs right now. A novel sound effect at first, but... And, I'm surprised you haven't smashed your phone yet!

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kavin. said

Appropriately, a blues song, I can relate.

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Norm said

Priceless! I *so* relate to this. Great voice work by both you and Daisy...

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Brian Bazeley said

Just needs your wife shouting to come and get your dinner or the dogs getting it. Great song.

Guest said

hahahaha .. yeah RW i know this stuff all too much, we record in exactly the same manner! (i've been brainwashed along the road .. now i am missing something if there's no addnoises on a track) louis (can´t log in from where i am) good song!

Guest said

Good one cracked me up.

Guest said

:-) Inspired! Hahahaha. Two words - Broom cupboard, seriously!

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Alister Flint said

ahahahah, quite excellent! it's like a window opened over you guys playing.. and how about you get an answering machine? :p

Guest said

Ha ha, brilliant!

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Rick Phillips said

As the first one to listen to this track, its funny with dog's and phones, great lyrics and great music!