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Beautiful Sunrise


This is a collab tune which was originally written by Tad Rees (aka Solo). He plays the Keyboard.synth, and I did the guitar and drums. The last half blends with his original which can be heard in completion at :


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kirklynch said

Damn! This is fabulous! Can’t believe I never heard it before

Movement To Contact said

Still one of my fav’s, watching the crazy sun set here…winds picking up…and steaks are almost done on the grill in the NM desert. Better listen again…my wife’s taking silhouette photos of the trees around are house to this. Amazing track John.

Pilotless Drone said

Nice tune. Very chill and relaxing. :)

Tharek Ali Mokbul said

That synth woke me up…!

Very pro Track! The Guitar is almost like a Sitar!


hojorising said

I dig this tune reefwalker, what is that instrument at the beginning of the song? nice breaks too.

Jason Earls said

sounds great, nice guitar work!

launched said

Grooooovy collab!! Great job with the guitar work, too.

Awesome, bro!

Dave Berry said

I meant to say I dig it…….sorry, keystroke error

Dave Berry said

There is a real strange beauty about this song…..I did it

Movement To Contact said

Thanks! I had a heck of a time…..i kept trying to make all the tracks layer on top of each other in one song, but i do believe my concept was flawed from the begining…oh well! It was fun and made one crazy little mix! Thanks again!

Guest said

Beautiful indeed! All round great track. Love the feeling (and the wah!).

thetworegs said

i agree with Bethan liking that wah wah

Guest said

Ah, now then, this is lovely.

Mr Sandbags said

Great track.

Rick Phillips said

Very tasty stuff RW!

Mama Corn said

Nice drums, love the auto-wah guitars.

Wildgeas Music said

Cool wah-wah for some stylish guitar playin’.

Nice piece of music Reef.

Johnny Stone said

Brilliant mate very cool. Great mix dig it.

richardlaceves said

well done & smooth

vaisvil said

nice work from the two of you.

Movement To Contact said

Killer man, fav’d within the first 30 seconds, I really like the ending where it gets a little more intense. I’m always a fan of a good layed sound.

Guest said

I like it.

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