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Can't Go Home Again

Song three of (probably) 10 for NaSoAlMo. I’m still going with the plan of longer(ish) songs that feature at least a little bit of 12-string guitar. So far so good.

I sort of like the chorus on this one, but the verses aren’t all that hot. The lyrics are just whatever popped into my head while the mic was on.

The electric guitars are all Stratocaster.

I sit alone
thoughts are my own
I can’t go home again

Waste away to nothing
sit and pass the time
I’m only bluffing
since when is that a crime

I give it everything
and still I end up last
Time to close the books
there’s time for one last blast

Don’t you feel stupid
Don’t you feel small
So much time(life) wasted
Why try at all

A life time of wonder
A moment’s remorse

That’s just how it is

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one great guitar