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Excede Expectations

Another song with lyrics that I have no recollection of writing. What the hell is it about?

I had six songs recorded and mixed before I realized I didn’t have a single time signature other than 4/4. I remedied that right quick.

This is the final song for my 2014 NaSoAlMo. I’m done with yet another monthly writing/recording challenge.

All of the guitars are ES-335.

given time
you’ll know what to do
given a chance
you’ll know who to trust

give it a try
you will find your way
give it a shot
you will be okay

be yourself
that is easiest
don’t give in
to the temptation

you are strong
you can handle it
you’re not wrong
no need to submit

Keep your head
don’t give up
Move ahead
its okay

You succeed
you can make it
you exceede

you can make it
you will thrive
you can make it
you will survive

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