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Just Say Yes

I had declared the NaSoAlMo project complete after starting the eighth song. Then I had some free time and started this cheese ball. Later I added a 10th song too. What a nitwit.

This marks the end of both of my mini-goals for November. I wanted every song to have at least a little acoustic 12-string guitar, and I wanted every song to be on the longish side. This is neither.

The lyrics are about the kind of folks who let the media form their opinions for them. Specifically I was thinking of Fox News sheeple, but it applies to more than just the right.

The guitars are all ES-335.

just say yes to everything
don’t have to think at all
every word you hear is fact
every word they scrawl

I know I’m right
because they told me so
like a voice from heaven above
I am in the know

You are so wrong
that’s what my master says
my opinion written in stone
from someone else’s head

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Guest said

Cool retro sounds

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Gary Fox said

Killer riffs, really love the searing tone…