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Sing Me to Sleep

This one is a mess. Everything is too busy. The mix includes massive compression everywhere because I did a crappy job recording things. During the mix I changed the bass sound, changed the drum sound, went from having the two rhythm guitars to either side and the organ in the middle to having both guitars go right and the organ go left. Then there was the creeps. Each track creeped up higher and higher in the mix until it was the sloppy mess you hear now.

I have no idea of what the lyrics are about, but the guitars are all ES-335 and the meter is 5/4… so it’s got that going for it.

I don’t want it to end like this
I don’t want it to end at all

Coming round again
never knowing when
things must change it’s said
all good things must end

They say time heals all
wounds both large and small
like a slow exhale
it will tip the scale

sing me to sleep
out of my misery

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