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Rolling Along

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Not sure what to make of this one. I like the mellowy groove, but I don’t particularly care for the lyrics. Especially given that they are pretty much about writing lyrics. Sometimes I just run out of ideas, you know?

The electric guitar is the Stratocaster.

happens to the best of us
no matter what you do
try not to be so serious
and you will make it through

I thought I was there
I thought I was right
I thought I was rolling along
I thought I saw the light

Making good time
Keeping up to speed
Coming out one after another
supply is meeting need

That’s when it all went bad
That’s when it all fell apart
That’s when it all came down
Should have known from the start

I keep it in line
It’s good for a time
maybe I was over optimistic
I never saw the sign

look behind
see what you’ll find

Keep rolling
Keep rolling along