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It wasn’t until I was sitting in front of my computer trying to write lyrics to this one that I realized it is very, very similar to a song from last year’s NaSoAlMo. Sorry about that.

If I told you that the lyrics to this were based on an episode of The Walking Dead, would you know which episode I was talking about?

The guitars are all ES-335.

I can’t take another day
I can’t take another day
I won’t last another day
I can’t take another day

Caught in a lie
why do I try
self preservation
don’t want to die

I led you here
out of nowhere
I am responsible
my cross to bear

I lied to you
It’s what I do
there’s no excuse for it
I tell you true

You want to leave
so I believe
might as well kill me now
I’m not naive

Can’t right the wrong
It’s too late now

I did what I did to survive
Say what you want but I’m still alive
Question my moves if you must
That’s more important than your trust

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