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Dead Men Ride w/ Wildgeas


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I heard the track on Geas’s RPM album and thought i would try to add a story to the instrumental…i then sent it over for Geas to mix so here it is…
the wind did howled
across the desolate plain
it sang out it’s song in desperate pain
chased by right
it blew into town
bringing the soulless riders alive

oh the dead men ride
bringing their revenge alive
those dead men ride
bringing their revenge alive

the dark of the night came
as no surprise
as the flames climbed up
lighting the starlight sky

the horror of the injustice
the hanging of those men
they burned their bodies to forget

they burned down the night
all that was left was the ember
the towns people knew
it was the riders that were wronged

the dead men ride with right on their side
those dead men ride as they were alive


as the sunshine burned
light onto their veins
the wind beckoned them home
back from the in justice of the flames

the dead men ride
the dead men ride
the dead men ride

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Roger M. Harris said

Love it guys

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FDR said

I'v got to get me a jews harp lol

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Andrew Russe said

Nice one chaps

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Wildgeas Music said

Cool tune.

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R. J. Garn said

wow! Hoodoo land 2! is that a jews harp???

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